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11.11 on 11/11/11 Make a wish :)

11.11 on 11/11/11 Make a wish :)


Girl: What do you get out of this friendship?
Boy: *Startled. Then hearty laughter* It's immensely enjoyable!
G: Really? I feel like I'm getting a lot more out of this than you are... you're hilarious, entertaining and you make me laugh to no end.
B: No, seriously, that is SUCH a difficult question to spring on someone so suddenly. I was completely unprepared...
G: Well, how could I have prepared you for that?
B: It's like telling somebody, "You're the one," completely out of the blue.
G: Now that would make for an awkward conversation.


The colour seen by the eye in perfect darkness.


Two policemen interview (or interrogate?) a man: homeless yet clean shaven, as he gestures with some reticence to his belongings- one overly full hiker’s backpack, frayed and patched, in a colour that was once burgundy; one family sized frozen lasagne, thawing ineffectually on the sidewalk; and one neatly printed cardboard sign: Will work for food.


Man gesticulates wildly on a busy city corner, preaching to the cars as they swerve and speed up to avoid him. The red man turns green and suddenly the sidewalk is littered with pedestrians hurrying forth, vacant eyes focussed on some personal goal that the rest of the world is not privy to. The preacher remains unfazed as the tide of bodies sweeps over him, their tuneless chattering and the pounding of footsteps resonating through the cool air.

Finally the stragglers trickle past and he is once more alone on his island, gesturing in vain to an empty road.


Mother pushes an overladen stroller uphill. Bottles, thick winter jackets and garishly bright plush toys have all been discarded in the child’s safety seat. A young boy toddles unsteadily by her side. They pause to catch their breath at a quiet wildflower-strewn intersection where the lazy drone of bees permeates the silence. Unexpectedly, a girl, not quite yet a young woman, crosses their path. A should-be-white spaniel trots in front of her, tch-tch tch-tch on the bitumen. 

The mother coos to the little boy, her voice attracting a surreal nasal quality. Look! A puppy dog! Would you like to say ‘Hi’ to the puppy dog? His chocolate brown mop of curls bounces comically as he nods. 


Beauty and the Geek. Hands entwined tightly, swinging with astonishing regularity as they respectively strut and sidle down the footpath. Pasty Vitamin D deficiency meets professionally applied fake tan. Black rimmed glasses meet mascara coated, circle-lens disguised eyes. Unwashed Star Wars t-shirt meets crimson skintight mini dress. He lifts their interlaced hands to his face and kisses her fingertips. She smiles back coyly, a sliver of spinach unknowingly wedged between her teeth.


Fluorescent-orange clad construction worker taking his lunch break with an acquaintance dressed to the nines. They sit, legs sprawled on the side of a busy road, oblivious to the enquiring glances of the anonymous passersby.


Highschool bound girl. Coltish, with a skirt too short for her age and an oversized backpack partially concealed by her bluntly cut hair, which flaps listlessly in the wind as she rushes to the bus stop. 

Her bee-line path is suddenly disrupted as she comes to a halt at the window of a bridal store. 

A white dress, classical in its proportions, has been hoisted majestically onto the mannequin which peers down at the girl on the street with a haughty sneer. Glamorous, elaborate, symbolic of some ritual, some part of her life which the girl is yet to experience, which she has often fantasized about, but can barely imagine in reality. 

Cash has the advantage of being anonymous and difficult to trace, making it an attractive store of value for smugglers and drug dealers…
Macroeconomics Textbook: Oh, the things you teach me